Linux Infrastructure Management

Delivers best-in-class open source infrastructure management capabilities

According to a recent Forrester study, IT spends 70 percent of its budget just on managing the existing environment. What can you do to reduce this complexity? Where can you get help with the challenges of managing diverse resources? The answer is SUSE Manager.

Built for Linux, SUSE Manager delivers best-in-class open source infrastructure management capabilities that empowers IT to reduce complexity and regain control of IT assets by enabling you to comprehensively manage Linux systems with a single, centralized solution. SUSE Manager provides automated and cost-effective software, asset, patch and configuration management, as well as, system provisioning and monitoring capabilities. These capabilities enable you to easily manage your enterprise Linux system deployments across physical, virtual and cloud environments. As a result, your organization can decrease total cost of ownership while securing enterprise systems and improving compliance and service quality.

  • Manage multiple Linux distributions (SUSE & Red Hat) from a single, centralized console
  • Compatible with a wide variety of hardware across physical, virtual & cloud environments
  • Easily maintain & demonstrate compliance to internal security policies and external regulations
  • Standard approach to maintain Linux security
  • Simple, automated hardware & software inventory with advanced reporting
  • Effectively manage your Linux environment - no matter where it is deployed

    Hybrid clouds are designed to let businesses keep some workloads at home and still capitalize on public cloud platforms. Here's how you get the best of both worlds with SUSE Manager. You can run SUSE Manager on premise and/or in public cloud environments (BYOS) and manage the your Linux servers no matter where those servers are deployed—in your data center or in the cloud. This enables you to deploy your workloads across an ideal mix of traditional IT environments and public cloud platforms based on your needs without worrying about how you will manage and maintain the systems.

    Real–time Configuration Management based on Salt

    SUSE Manager 3 is now delivering new configuration management approach based on Salt, the increasingly popular remote execution, orchestration, and configuration management framework. Salt provides you with many advantages including: a very scalable, fast and secure way of communicating with systems in real time; the ability to collect system status for installed packages, configuration files etc. in a very efficient way; it has a very easy–to–use and easy–to–extend system of so–called "state files" that allow you to hierarchically describe the configuration of your systems; and you can automate and orchestrate cloud deployments and Docker containers.

    Patch Management

    Use the Zypper update stack (on SUSE Linux Enterprise) to rapidly and consistently deploy patches and updates. Receive notifications when the latest software updates are available for Linux servers connect to SUSE Customer Center to easily access updates, security patches and Service Packs. You can plan maintenance windows ahead of time by scheduling updates at the maintenance time you are choosing. SUSE Manager allows you to apply role–based controls to ensure administrators have the appropriate level of authority to manage each system.

    Monitoring Reduces Risk

    As part of your SUSE Manager Server subscription, Icinga is a modern monitoring server that is compatible with Nagios. With Icinga, you get an easy-to- use monitoring solution, that provides the flexibility to be easily integrated with other monitoring tools you already have in-house. It is all about flexibility and choice.