Infrastructure Management

Datacenter & Server Management

Our services encompass the lifecycle of your datacenter infrastructure that includes datacenter management, desktop management and database administration. Our domain expertise spans a diverse set of systems and technologies that are deployed within an organization's enterprise IT infrastructure.

To address today's dynamic business needs, enterprises face significant challenges in managing their IT infrastructure sprawl. To meet these challenges, OS3 offers solutions that focus on core infrastructure areas in building and managing the enterprise IT infrastructure. Enterprises can attain cost efficiencies and accelerated time-to-delivery by leveraging our robust delivery model, proven methodologies, standardized tools and mature processes for enterprise infrastructure management services.

OS3 delivers focused solutions in core infrastructure areas and leverages its proven methodologies to design solutions that meet your business strategy. Our comprehensive, industry-leading portfolio of infrastructure management services guarantees high reliability, 24x7 availability, remote manageability, and optimized scalability. Our domain expertise spans diverse set of systems and technologies. Clients can leverage our various service delivery models to avail cost-effective solutions and achieve quick return on their IT infrastructure investments.