Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT links objects to the Internet, enabling data and insights never available before.

With one intelligent network infrastructure, you can improve operations. Increase safety and security. And gain valuable data insight to streamline automation.


enLight is an IOT enabled illumination management solution that is designed to bring operational efficiency, huge cost benefit and an exceptional user experience.

Single Dashboard, Smart Management : Conventional lighting systems are power inefficient - they consume constant power irrespective of time, requirement and location. By intelligently leveraging technology, enLight enables residential complexes, townships, campuses, hospitals, towns and even cities to deploy a smart illumination solution that enables a smart control on indoor and outdoor illumination devices. enLight gives you the ability to control every single lamp, or a group with just a few clicks at the Web Based control panel. You can dim or switch on or off any lamp based on location, utilization or time.

Save Energy & Money from Day 1 : This smart approach ensures optimal utilization of each lamp and reduces consumption of electricity, resulting in enhanced cost savings from day one. Deploying enLight enhances the durability and operational efficiency of the lamps by regulating their usage based on requirement. Besides translating into direct reduction in procurement costs and power bills, enLight also helps reduce carbon footprint by enhancing the life of the lamp.

Simplify Operations with Streamlined Manageability and Analytics : enLight’s web-based Operations Portal allows you manage the lighting infrastructure in an uncomplicated manner. It’s intuitive, map-based front-end allows even a novice to operate the console efficiently.


Autonetics is an IoT-based solution enabling you to manage and control your split air-conditioner thereby resulting in substantial decrease in recurring electricity cost.

Hands-off Management Autonetics’ symbolizes zero human intervention and ease of use. This device enables you to manage and control your air-conditioner from virtually anywhere - even when you are miles away from your AC!
With a centralized web-based dashboard for managing HVAC units, you can monitor your entire cooling infrastructure installed at a single location or over a wide area.

Fine-grained Control : Do everything your remote can do - be it switch on or off the AC or central AC vent, control temperature, adjust swing, or air flow.

Optimize AC Usage : By managing your AC smartly using Autonetics, you can ensure a lifetime of savings by the resulting decrease in recurring electricity costs.